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preparing for home birthWatching a woman and her partner become empowered to trust in their bodies, to become informed of their options, to own their birth, and witness them becoming parents and a new family. Pregnancy and birth are one of the few amazing experiences we get to do as humans and I strive to help them achieve the best birth possible.

Orin started screaming right away. I immediately exclaimed "Where's my baby?!" I looked down and Corey had the baby on his back. The first thing I noticed was the gender. "Oh! You're a boy!" I exclaimed with amusement, as I held him up against my chest. Those first few minutes are a blur. I remember smiling, laughing, talking to him. I apologized for having been so loud and not maintaining as much control as I'd wanted. I'd yelled out during the birth, something I had wanted not to do, and I told him I was sorry. I'd wanted a very peaceful experience for him.

It sounds almost funny in Childbirth Classes - like some little bird building a nest. Essentially that's exactly what it is. Somehow nature has instilled an automatic response on the part of the mother (and sometimes the father) to prepare the nest for the young.

I'll never forget when I was in labor with my son. Labor had been induced but was not progressing as quickly as the doctor believed it should be. My son's heart rate was going way down, and the doctor tried several different things trying to raise his heart rate back up. The things he tried worked, but only temporarily, so he decided on the emergency C-section. I was so scared, and my husband asked so many questions in the brief time before I was wheeled into surgery. It eased my mind somewhat, even though I was still scared for the life of my son. Fortunately, he was born a healthy 8 lbs.12 oz.

To be a conduit for another's transformation is the most joyful experience. When I lead a class, I am truly in awe of the women I work with: they are honest, vulnerable, authentic, open, and eager to grow. They take risks. They move forward in their lives.

Even though you read other people's experiences, which is great, inspirational and motivational, remember that you are unique and your situation is unique to your personality. Follow the inner promptings and wisdom of the Spirit to direct you in the application of the information and also give you new insight when needed.

I'm a classic over-thinker. This is why writing is so cathartic for me. I research everything. I'm constantly trying to do 'better' at everything and find out more. This in itself is okay, but it does make life more challenging, pressured and guilt-inducing. For myself, the guilt comes when we I don't measure up to my ideals which are often unrealistic in the first place. I can't win.

It's like two sides of the coin. Completely different experiences and I can only say that I'm sad that we didn't do it with our first child. We actually had a water birth and to add to this wonderful experience, the midwife we had then unfortunately was late to the birth of my second son by 7 minutes. Yes, you read correctly, there was no midwife and I helped deliver my second child into this world. Of course, my wife did 99. Here is more info on Childbirth Educator check out our own internet site. 9% of the job, but I was her "midwife" for lack of a better word. Though, following a few minutes of terror thinking "what am I going to do without the midwife?!", I was confident that I could do it after several seminars and classes of Home birth delivery that we attended in the prior months.

So now I need to chase the dog around the house and get him into his crate, I have no idea how long I will be and also can't find him. So as I try to get up the stairs to find the dog, my contractions come stronger and I can barely stand... secretly thought I was going to deliver right there. The dog is under the bed and will not come out for anything and because I am groaning, he growls... finally get him out and back downstairs and into his crate.

The lawsuit was in response to Glanville spreading the rumor that Maloof did not deliver his sons through Natural Childbirth and instead used a surrogate. This caused an uproar and split the Housewives down the middle. Lisa Vanderpump took Brandi's side, claiming that Maloof had said things just as damaging about other Housewives in the past.

Conscious Breathing Enhances Overall Well-Being. After a session of deep breathing, you'll have access to better feeling thoughts. You'll know in your heart that all is well. Try this: As you exhale, imagine breathing out all forms of resistance, discomfort and stress. As you inhale, imagine breathing in well-being, health, vitality, clarity, ease and flow. Aaaah!
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